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Soạn chi tiết Tiếng Anh lớp 8 Unit 1 Sách mới: Leisure time

Nội dung [Hiện]

Trong chương trình Tiếng Anh lớp 8 Unit 1 : Leisure time, các bạn đã được học về những hoạt động ưa thích và các cách diễn đạt của “thích” trong Tiếng Anh. Đừng quên xem thật kỹ bài viết này của IELTS LangGo để có cho mình lời giải chi tiết cho Tiếng Anh lớp 8 Unit 1 nhé!

I. Getting Started

1. Listen and read

2. Read the conversation again and complete the sentences

1. Trang is looking for a knitting kit.

2. She likes doing DIY in her leisure time.

3. Tom loves spending his free time with other people.

4. Tom and his friends usually hang out together. 

5. Tom, Mark, Trang, and Mai are going to see a comedy this Sunday.

3. Work in pairs. Write the activities from the box under the correct pictures 

1. messaging friends

2. cooking 

3. playing sport 

4. doing puzzles 

5. doing DIY

6. surfing the net 

4. Work in pairs. Read the word and phrases, and guess which activities in 3 are described.

1. doing puzzles

2. doing DIY

3. playing sport

4. messaging friends

5. surfing the net

5. Work in groups. Ask one another the question below. Then report your friends' answers to the class.

>> Xem chi tiết: Giải chi tiết Tiếng Anh lớp 8: Unit 1 - Getting Started (trang 8)


1. Match a word / phrase in column A with a word in column B to make expressions about likes.

1 - e

2 - c

3 - b

4 - a

5 - d

2. Fill in each blank with a correct word from the box

1. I'm fond of taking photos. In my free time, I usually go out and take photos of people and things. 

2. Mai is interested in history. She often goes to museums to see new exhibits and learn about the past.

3. My sister is keen on cooking. She wants to become a chef in the future.

4. My brother spends lots of time surfing the net, but I'm not into it. 

5. I'm not crazy about doing DIY. I'm never able to finish any DIY projects I start. 

3. Complete the sentences about what you like or dislike doing. Use the word or phrases from the box or your own ideas. 

1. I'm crazy about doing puzzles. 

2. I'm keen on cooking. 

3. I'm fond of playing sports. 

4. I'm not interested in messaging friends. 

5. I'm not into surfing the net.

4. Listen and repeat the words. Pay attention to the sounds /ʊ/ and /u:/. Then put the words into the correct columns. 



cook, push, would, woman

group, june, school, move

5. Listen and practise the sentences. Underline the bold words with /ʊ/, and circle the bold words with /u:/) 

Đáp án: Những từ gạch chân là những từ có phát âm /ʊ/, những từ in đậm có phát âm là /u:/.

1. She likes reading books and swimming in the pool

2. When it is cool, we like to play football.

3. She drew and made puddings in her free time. 

4. My mum loves pumpkin soup and coffee with a little sugar

5. My brother is fond of watching the cartoon about a clever wolf.

>> Xem chi tiết: Giải Tiếng Anh lớp 8 Global Success: Unit 1 - A closer look 1 (trang 10)


1. Work in pairs. Put the verbs in the appropriate column 

Verbs followed by gerunds only

Verbs followed by both gerunds and to-infinitives

Detest, fancy, dislike, enjoy

Love, like, hate, prefer

2. Choose the correct answer A, B, or C.

1. A. travelling hoặc C. to travel

2. A. doing

3. A. to watch

4. B. going

5. A. hunting

3. Look at the pictures and complete the sentences, using the verbs in brackets in their suitable form. 

1. Mark likes surfing the net / likes to surf the net.

2. The girls enjoy doing DIY. 

3. My cousin dislikes cooking. 

4. My father hates going shopping / hates to go shopping.

5. Tom and his father prefer doing puzzles / prefer to do puzzles. 

4. Complete the sentences about yourself.

5. GAME Likes and dislikes mimes 

Work in groups. One mimes a leisure activity he / she likes or dislikes. The others guess the activity by asking Yes / No questions using the verbs they have learnt. 

>> Xem chi tiết tại: Giải Tiếng Anh lớp 8 Global Success: Unit 1 - A closer look 2 (trang 11)


1. Listen and read the dialogues below. Pay attention to the highlighted parts. 

2. Work in pairs. Practise inviting and accepting invitations in the following situations. Remember to use the highlighted language in 1. 

3. Work in pairs. Answer the question 

What is the activity in each picture? 

a. doing origami 

b. playing badminton 

c. snowboarding 

4. Read what three teenagers say about their leisure activities. Complete the table with the information from the text. 



Leisure activity

Person/ People to do the activity with

Benefits of the activity



Doing origami

No one

helps her to relax





improves his overall health and balance


Viet Nam

Playing badminton

Best friend

improves her muscles strength;

reduces stress

5. Work in groups. Ask and answer the questions. 

Gợi ý đáp án:

A: Which of the activities in 4 do you want to try?

B: I want to try snowboarding.

C: I'm interested in doing origami.

A: Why do you want to try it?

B: I'm interested in snowboarding because I love the excitement of speeding down slopes.

C: I want to try doing origami because I find it to be an interesting and creative activity. It's a great way to unwind during my free time.

>> Xem chi tiết tại: Giải Tiếng Anh lớp 8 sách mới: Unit 1 - Communication (trang 12)


1. Look at the pictures. What activities can you see? 

a. riding bikes 

b. making a dress 

c. cooking 

2. Read about Trang's leisure activities. Choose the correct answer. 

1. C. with her family

2. B. better understand someone

3. Read the text again and answer the questions. 

1. She goes for a bike ride, cooks and does DIY.

2. Her brother does.

3. No, it isn’t.

4. She loves doing DIY projects with her mum the most.

5. Her mum teaches her to make my own dresses and doll clothes.

6. She won the first prize in a costume contest at her school.

>> Xem chi tiết tại: Soạn Tiếng Anh lớp 8 sách mới: Unit 1 - Skills 1 (trang 14)


1. Answer the questions 

Gợi ý đáp án:

1. In my opinion, we can have a picnic, play sports, or play video games. 

2. Because spending time with our friends can help us to reduce stress, connect with other people. 

2. Listen to an interview with Mark about his leisure activities. Choose the correct answer. 

1. A. At weekends.

2. C. His family and friends.

3. Listen to the interview again. Fill in each blank in the table with no more than TWO words. 

(1) video

(2) cinema

(3) park

(4) shape

(5) bike ride

(6) places

4. Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions. 

Gợi ý đáp án: 

1. When do you usually have free time? 

I usually have free time on the weekends. 

2. What do you usually do with your friends in your free time? 

In my free time, I enjoy doing various activities with my friends. We often hang out at each other's houses, cook together, watch movies or videos, and play games. 

3. Why do you do these activities? 

I do these activities with my friends because it allows us to bond and have fun together. Doing activities together also brings joy and entertainment. 

5. Write an email (80 - 100 words) to a penfriend to tell him / her about what you usually do with your friends in your free time. Use your answers in 4. 

>> Xem chi tiết tại: Soạn Tiếng Anh lớp 8 Unit 1 - Skills 2: Đáp án, giải thích chi tiết


1. Complete the sentences with appropriate leisure activities. 

1. doing puzzles

2. doing DIY

3. messaging friends 

4. playing sports

5. surfing the net

2. Write complete sentences from the given cues. 

1. I’m not fond of making models because I’m not patient.

2.  My friends are keen on doing judo, and they go to the judo club every Sunday. 

3. Why are you not into cooking? - Because I often burn myself. 

4. Are they interested in playing badminton after school?

5. My cousin is crazy about surfing the net and playing computer games. 

3. Fill in each blank with the correct form(s) of the verb in the brackets. 

1. cycling 

2. reading/ to read 

3. playing 

4. chatting/ to chat 

5. to do/doing 

4. Complete the passage. Use the correct form(s) of the verbs in brackets and the pictures. Add more words if necessary.

2.  to read/ reading books 

3. to message/ messaging her friends 

4. to make/ making paper flowers 

5. to kit/ knitting

6. playing badminton

>> Xem chi tiết tại: Soạn Tiếng Anh lớp 8 Unit 1 - Looking back: Lời giải chi tiết


1. Interview some students from your class or from other classes. Use the questions below. 

2. Collect the answers. Use the table below. 

3. Report your group's findings to your class based on the following guiding questions

>> Xem chi tiết tại: Giải chi tiết Tiếng anh lớp 8 Global Success: Unit 1 - Project

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