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TRỌN BỘ 500+ TỪ VỰNG tiếng Anh chủ đề NGHỀ NGHIỆP thông dụng nhất - [Kèm mẫu câu minh học] Cùng LangGo tự học từ vựng hiệu quả ngay tại nhà!



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1. Management: Bộ từ vựng tiếng Anh chủ đề nghề nghiệp - Cấp độ quản lý


president; vice-president; director; manager;
executive officer; CEO (chief executive officer; company executive officer);
deputy director; managing director; financial director; marketing director;
general manager; assistant manager; manager; production manager;
personnel manager; marketing manager; sales manager; project manager;
supervisor; inspector; controller;

2. Office workers: Bộ từ vựng tiếng Anh chủ đề nghề nghiệp - Nhân viên văn phòng

office worker; office employee; office clerk;
filing clerk; receptionist; secretary; assistant;
typist; stenographer;

3. Banking and financial activities: Bộ từ vựng tiếng Anh chủ đề nghề nghiệp - Ngân hàng và tài chính

banker; bank officer; economist; auditor;
accountant; bookkeeper; teller; cashier; bank clerk;
financier; treasurer; investor; sponsor;
stockbroker; pawnbroker; tax collector;

4. Sales and stores: Bộ từ vựng tiếng Anh chủ đề nghề nghiệp - Bán hàng

sales representative; sales manager;
salesperson; salesman; saleswoman; salesgirl; salesclerk; cashier;
seller; buyer; wholesale buyer; wholesaler; retailer;
merchant; distributor; dealer; trader; advertising agent;
grocer; greengrocer; baker; butcher; florist;

5. Medicine: Bộ từ vựng tiếng Anh chủ đề nghề nghiệp - Y tế

doctor; physician; family doctor; general practitioner;
eye specialist; ear specialist; throat specialist; heart specialist;
cardiologist; surgeon; pediatrician; psychiatrist; psychoanalyst;
dentist; dietitian; pharmacist; veterinarian;
nurse; paramedic; nurse's aide;

6. School and college: Bộ từ vựng tiếng Anh chủ đề nghề nghiệp - Trường học

principal; dean; professor; teacher; instructor;
schoolteacher; college teacher; university teacher;
head teacher; senior teacher; tutor; mentor; counselor (BrE: counsellor);
teacher of mathematics; mathematics teacher; math teacher (BrE: maths teacher);
English teacher; teacher of English; history teacher; music teacher;
student; pupil; learner;

7. Science: Bộ từ vựng tiếng Anh chủ đề nghề nghiệp - Khoa học


scientist; scholar; researcher; explorer; inventor;
mathematician; physicist; chemist; biologist; botanist; zoologist;
historian; archaeologist; geologist; psychologist; sociologist;
economist; linguist; astronomer; philosopher; geographer;

8. IT specialists: Bộ từ vựng tiếng Anh chủ đề nghề nghiệp - Công nghệ thông tin

computer specialist; computer programmer; computer operator;
software specialist; systems analyst; systems administrator;
web developer; web programmer; webmaster; web designer;

9. Art and creative work: Bộ từ vựng tiếng Anh chủ đề nghề nghiệp - Nghệ thuật và sáng tạo

artist; painter; sculptor; architect; composer; conductor;
musician; pianist; violinist; guitarist; drummer; player;
singer; dancer; opera singer; ballet dancer; performer;
film director; producer; art director; cameraman; actor; actress; player;
writer; poet; author; playwright; dramatist; scenarist; publisher;
journalist; reporter; correspondent; photographer;
designer; fashion designer; dress designer;
interior designer; furniture designer; graphic designer;

10. Construction, repair, maintenance: Bộ từ vựng tiếng Anh chủ đề nghề nghiệp - Xây dựng, sữa chữa, bảo hành

builder; construction worker; developer; contractor;
engineer; technician; mechanic; electrical engineer; electrician;
welder; bricklayer; mason; carpenter; plumber; painter; decorator;
repairer; repairman; maintenance man; handyman; caretaker;
housekeeper; cleaning lady; cleaning woman; janitor;

11. Pilots, drivers, crew members: Bộ từ vựng tiếng Anh chủ đề nghề nghiệp - Phi công, lái xe, thành viên phi hành đoàn

pilot; flight engineer; flight navigator; flight attendant; stewardess;
dispatcher; mechanic; car mechanic; railroad worker; railway worker;
driver; chauffeur; taxi driver, cabdriver; bus driver; truck driver;
captain; skipper; navigator; sailor;

12. Law and order: Bộ từ vựng tiếng Anh chủ đề nghề nghiệp - Pháp luật và trị an

judge; lawyer; attorney; legal adviser; barrister; solicitor;
police officer; policeman; traffic officer; detective;
guard; bodyguard; lifeguard; warden; prison guard;

13. Restaurants: Bộ từ vựng tiếng Anh chủ đề nghề nghiệp - Nhà hàng

chef; head cook; cook;
maitre d'hotel (maitre d'); headwaiter; waiter; waitress;
bartender; barman; barmaid;
dishwasher; busboy;

Từ vựng khác


firefighter, fireman; tailor; seamstress; postman, mailman;
travel agent; travel guide; model; politician; porter;
editor; proofreader; printer; translator; interpreter; librarian;
jeweler (BrE: jeweller); telephone operator; coal miner;
farmer; farm worker; fisherman; hunter; forester; gardener;
hairdresser; hair stylist; barber; beautician; cosmetologist;
specialist; expert; consultant; adviser; priest; clergyman;

Từ vựng về địa điểm làm việc

office; agency; company; firm; corporation; business firm; enterprise;
plant; factory; restaurant; department store; bank; hospital; hotel;
school; university; library; theater; museum; art gallery;
transportation company; shipping company; construction company;
publishing company; film company; insurance company;
advertising agency; travel agency; rental agency;

Cụm từ liên quan

to look for a job; to find a job; to apply for a job; to get a job;
to offer a job; to hire; to be hired; to fire; to be fired; to be laid off;
to lose one's job; to quit; to quit one's job; to leave; to resign; to retire;
employment; unemployment; unemployed; jobless; job seeker;
letter of application for a job; resume; CV; job interview;
work agreement; contract; employer; employee; co-worker; promotion;

Cách mô tả một công việc


a job in electronics; a teaching job; a position as secretary;
an interesting job; a boring job; a good job; a difficult job; a challenging job;
a well-paid job; a highly paid job; a low-paid job; a badly paid job;
a full-time job; a part-time job; a permanent job; a stable job; a temporary job;
to work full-time; to work part-time; to have a part-time job;
to be on the staff; a staff of ten workers; a staff member; a member of staff;
to work overtime; to work on weekdays; to work on Saturdays; a day off;

Từ vựng mô tả người lao động


worker, employee, workman, laborer (BrE: labourer);
skilled workers; unskilled workers; qualified workers; experienced workers;
a full-time worker; a part-time worker; a temporary worker; a freelance worker;
seasonal workers; manual workers; blue-collar workers; white-collar workers;

Từ vựng về lương, thuế, lợi ích


pay; wages; salary; earnings; fee; bonus; tips; income; payday; payment;
to be paid by the hour; to be paid by the month; to earn (to get, to make) money;
monthly pay; weekly pay; hourly pay; yearly pay; annual pay;
monthly salary; yearly salary; annual salary; salaried workers;
weekly wages; hourly wage; minimum wages; low wages; high wages;
gross pay; net pay; take-home pay; overtime pay; severance pay;
gross earnings; net earnings; average earnings; annual earnings;
taxes; expenses; deductions; dues; fine; penalty; compensation;
fringe benefits; sick leave; maternity leave; holiday; vacation; pension plan;
medical insurance; health insurance; accident insurance; life insurance;
Pay: Examples in sentences
She gets ten dollars an hour. She is paid ten dollars an hour. Her hourly pay is ten dollars.
He gets two thousand dollars a month. His monthly pay is two thousand dollars. His monthly salary is two thousand dollars.
They get twenty-three thousand dollars a year. Their annual pay is $23,000.
His salary is thirty-four thousand dollars a year. His salary is $34,000 a year.
He earns thirty thousand dollars a year. He earned twenty thousand dollars last year by writing short stories. She earns two thousand a month.
How much do you earn? How much did you get last year? How much does he make?

Những mẫu câu tiếng Anh cơ bản chủ đề nghề nghiệp

What do you do? What business are you in?
I am a teacher. I am a car dealer. I am a freelance writer.
I am a sales representative. I sell computers.
I work as a psychologist. I work as a stockbroker.
I work at a bank. I work at a small travel agency.
I work at a hotel. I work at a transportation company.
I work for a newspaper. I work for a film company.
I am in real estate. I am in advertising.
I have a small business of my own.
I am a homemaker. I work at home.
I am unemployed at the moment. I am looking for a job right now.
I am looking for a job in marketing. I am looking for a job as a driver.
I am seeking a position as librarian. I am seeking a position as office clerk.
He is looking for a place as a housekeeper. She is looking for a place as a cook.
I'd like to apply for a job. I'd like to apply for the position of shop assistant.
He was offered the position of salesclerk. She has a position as cashier.
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