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TRỌN BỘ 1000+ TỪ VỰNG tiếng Anh chủ đề THỜI GIAN thông dụng nhất - [Kèm mẫu câu minh họa]. Cùng LangGo tự học từ vựng hiệu quả mỗi ngày!
Từ vựng tiếng Anh chủ đề thời gian
1. Bộ từ vựng tiếng Anh chủ đề thời gian - Trạng từ chỉ thời gian
  • usually, often, every week;
  • usually; regularly; often; frequently; sometimes; rarely; seldom; never;
  • every day; every other day; every week; every month; every year;
  • three times a day; twice a week; once a week; once in a while;
Từ vựng tiếng Anh chỉ thời gian hiện tại
  • now; today; at the moment; at this moment; at present; at the present time;
  • tomorrow, next week
  • tomorrow; the day after tomorrow; one of these days;
  • next week; next month; next year; next Friday; next spring; next autumn;
  • in a day or two; in a week; in a year; in five years;
  • a week from now; a year from now; five years from now;
  • soon; quite soon; sometime soon; sometime next week;
  • yesterday, two days ago, last week
  • yesterday; the day before yesterday; the other day;
  • last week; last month; last year; last Monday; last winter; last summer;
  • three years ago; a month ago; a week ago; an hour ago; ten minutes ago;
  • two days later; a week later; a year later; five years later;
  • at two o'clock, in the morning, for thirty minutes
  • in the morning; in the afternoon; in the evening;
  • at noon; at night; at dawn; at midnight; after midnight; tonight;
  • at eight o'clock; at eleven o'clock; at 9:15; at nine fifteen; at 10:30; at ten thirty; at 7:00 a.m. (at seven ['ei'em]); at 10:00 p.m. (at ten ['pi:'em]);
  • at nine in the morning; at three in the afternoon; at eight in the evening; at ten at night;
  • during the day; during the night; during the week; during the weekend;
  • for ten minutes; for half an hour; for an hour; for three hours; for a day or two; for six days; for a week; for two months; for a year; for fifteen years;
  • on Monday, in May, in winter
  • on Sunday; on Friday; on Saturday; on Mondays; on weekdays; on weekends;
  • in August; in January; in winter; in spring; in summer; in autumn / in the fall;

2. Bộ từ vựng tiếng Anh chủ đề thời gian - Ngày tháng

  • on July fifth, on the fifth of July, on July 5th, on July 5 (on July fifth / on the fifth of July);
  • in 1917 (in nineteen seventeen); in 1980 (in nineteen eighty); in 1995 (in nineteen ninety-five);
  • in 1906 (in nineteen oh-six); in 1900 (in the year nineteen hundred / in nineteen hundred);
  • in 2007 (in two thousand seven / in two thousand and seven); in 2000 (in the year two thousand);
  • in 2010 (in twenty ten / in two thousand ten / in two thousand and ten); in 2015 (in twenty fifteen / in two thousand fifteen);
Ví dụ:
  • Today is the third of November. Today is May 6, 2011. (May sixth, twenty eleven / the sixth of May, two thousand eleven)
  • He was born on January 1, 2004. (on January first, two thousand four / on the first of January, two thousand and four)

3. Bộ từ vựng tiếng Anh chủ đề thời gian - Các công việc thường ngày

  • get up at seven o'clock; get up at about nine; wake up around eight in the morning; make the bed;
  • do morning exercises; do a set of morning exercises; do sit-ups; do knee bends; do push-ups; do pull-ups; run in the park in the morning; work out in the gym three times a week;
  • take a shower; take a bath; brush my teeth; wash my face; comb my hair; apply make-up; go to the bathroom;
  • go to the kitchen; make breakfast; cook breakfast; have breakfast; eat breakfast; have tea; drink tea; have coffee; drink coffee; wash the dishes;
  • a cup of black coffee; coffee with milk and sugar; coffee with cream; a cup of green tea; a cup of tea with lemon; a glass of orange juice; a glass of milk;
  • have cornflakes with milk and a cup of tea for breakfast; drink a glass of orange juice; eat two boiled eggs and a ham sandwich for breakfast;
  • get dressed; put on clothes; put on a business suit; put on a pair of jeans and a sweater; put on my coat; leave at 8:30; leave for work at eight in the morning;
  • my workplace; my office; the place where I work; the company that I work for;
  • work in an office; work in a bank; work at a bank; work at a factory; work at a hospital; work at a small computer company; work for a newspaper; have a small business of my own;
  • work as a secretary; work as an engineer; work as a nurse; be a clerk; be a manager; be a salesman; sell cars; design clothes; repair computers;
  • go to work; drive to work; walk to work; go by bus; go by train; take the subway to work;
  • not very far from home; quite far from home; it's ten minutes by car; it's a ten-minute drive from home; a twenty-minute walk from where I live;
  • it takes me an hour to get to my workplace; it takes me about twenty minutes to get there; it takes me about an hour and a half to get there;
  • work five days a week from nine in the morning till six at night; work from nine to six; I have to work on Saturdays; Sunday is my day off;
  • work part time; work full time; she has to work overtime;
  • have a short break for lunch at noon; eat lunch at the nearby cafeteria; I have lunch at my desk;
  • go to school; go to high school; go to business school; go to college; go to the university;
  • kindergarten, nursery school, elementary school, secondary school, high school; public school, private school;
  • pupil, student, teacher; classroom, lesson, textbook, homework; do homework; do an exercise; do grammar exercises;
  • attend school; attend classes; attend a lecture; attend a seminar; attend a conference;
  • be in the tenth form; be in the tenth grade; be in class; be present, be absent; Who is absent today?
  • be a student; be a student of law; be a student of economics; be a medical student;
  • study law; study accounting; study business; study medicine; study English;
  • study medicine at a school of medicine; study law at a school of law; study accounting at a vocational school (trade school; technical school);
  • study bookkeeping on the job; have on-the-job training;
  • I'm studying English at a language school; study English with a private teacher; have English classes twice a week; have classes four times a week;
  • to graduate from school; drop out of school; quit school;
Free time
  • free time; spare time; leisure time; pastime; favorite occupation;
  • go to the cinema; go to the theater; go to the movies; go to a movie; go to a concert; go to a museum; go to an art gallery; go to the park; go to the zoo; go to a party;
  • go on holiday; go on vacation; be on holiday; be on vacation; go on an excursion (a picnic, a trip); go for a walk (a picnic, a swim, a drive);
  • take a walk (a trip, a swim, a holiday, a vacation); have a party (a picnic, a walk, a holiday); have a picnic by the river (in the park, on the beach);
  • go to the summer house in summer; go to a summer camp; go to the seaside; spend summers at the seaside; spend a holiday by the sea; go to the beach; get some tan;
  • go swimming; go bicycling; go hiking; go skiing; go skating; go horse riding; go boating; go sailing; go hunting; go fishing; go camping; I go bicycling with my friends every Sunday;
  • listen to music; listen to the radio; watch TV; watch a new film; see a movie; read a book; read a magazine;
  • play the piano; play the violin; play (the) guitar; play the drums; sing in a school choir; sing songs; sing a song; sing and dance; go dancing;
  • I like reading; I like music; I like sports; I like basketball; I like swimming; I like parties;
  • I like to read books; I like to read about dogs; I like to play with my dog; I'm a member of a kennel club; I like to draw pictures of flowers;
  • I like to travel; I like to visit different countries; I went to Rome last year; I have been to Spain twice; go / travel by plane, by train, by car;
  • I have a hobby; my hobby is swimming; my hobby is collecting stamps; my hobby is gardening;
  • my hobby is animals (dogs; cats; butterflies; flowers; books; folk music; etc.); my hobby is taking pictures of animals;
  • I collect seashells; she collects coins; she has a good collection of coins; he collects rock 'n' roll records;
  • play sports; participate in sports; go in for sports; indoor sports; outdoor sports;
  • play tennis; play basketball; play football; play badminton; play golf; play chess;
  • play a game of tennis; play a game of chess; play a game of billiards;
  • do gymnastics; do aerobics; do athletics; do weight lifting; do arm wrestling; do yoga, practice yoga;
  • go to the swimming pool three times a week; go to the gym twice a week; go to the sports ground;
  • to exercise, to run, to race, to jump, to swim, to ride, to shoot, to play; to compete, to win, to lose;
  • sportsman, athlete, gymnast, swimmer, skier, skater, boxer, wrestler, player; contestant, participant, champion, winner;
  • to take part in a competition (a contest, a championship, a tournament); to participate in a skiing competition;
  • to win a contest (a competition, a game); to win a swimming competition; to win first prize in a tennis tournament; to win the first game; to lose the second game;
  • to like sports; be interested in sports; he is interested in sports; go in for sports; go in for tennis;
  • he is a sports fan; he is a football fan; to go to a football game; to go to a football match;
  • go to bed; go to bed at 11:00; set the alarm clock for 7:00 a.m.; he usually goes to bed at ten;
  • go to sleep; fall asleep; feel sleepy; be asleep; have eight hours of sleep; sleep well;
  • to have a dream, to have dreams, to have no dreams; to see something in a dream (in dreams); Sweet dreams!

4. Mẫu câu hỏi trong tiếng Anh chủ đề thời gian và các công việc thường ngày

Do you study or work? What do you do? What business are you in? What are your duties at work?
(Bạn đang đi học hay đi làm? Bạn làm nghề gì? Công việc của bạn là gì? Nhiệm vụ trong công việc của bạn là gì?)
What school do you go to? What college do you go to?
(Bạn đang học trường/ đại học nào?)
What were your favorite subjects in school? What is your favorite subject now?
(Môn học yêu thích của bạn ở trường là gì? Môn học yêu thích hiện nay của bạn là gì?)
How do you spend your free time? What is your favorite occupation?
(Bạn dành thời gian rảnh của mình như thế nào? Nghề nghiệp ưu thích của bạn là gì?)
Do you like reading? Who is your favorite writer? What kind of books do you like?
(Bạn có thích đọc không? Ai là tác giả yêu thích của bạn? Thể loại sách bạn thích đọc là gì?)
Do you like music? What kind of music do you like?
(Bạn có thích âm nhạc không? Thể loại nhạc bạn thích là gì?)
Do you have a hobby? Describe your hobby, please.
(Bạn có một sở thích nào không? Hãy mô tả về sở thích của bạn)
How do you stay fit? Do you exercise in the morning? How often do you go to the gym?
(Làm thế nào để giữ dáng? Bạn có tập thể dục vào buổi sáng không? Bạn có thường xuyên đi tập gym không?)
Do you participate in sports? What sports do you like?
(Bạn có tham gia môn thể thao nào không? Môn thể thao bạn thích là gì?)
What sports do you play? What sports are you good at?
(Bạn đang chơi môn thể thao nào? Bạn giỏi nhất/ chơi tốt môn thể thao nào?)
What is your favorite food? Do you eat a balanced diet? Do you live a healthy life?
(Món ăn yêu thích của bạn là gì? Bạn có giữ chế độ ăn cân bằng? Bạn có sống cuộc sống lành mạnh không?)
Hãy tạo ra câu chuyện của chính bạn về cuộc sống thường ngày của bạn. Sử dụng những từ vựng được cung cấp ở trên để hoàn thành nhé!
Ví dụ:
My day
My typical day is very busy. I work part time as an office clerk in a large publishing company, and I go to school after work. I am studying accounting at a business school.
I get up at seven o'clock in the morning. I do morning exercises for ten or fifteen minutes, and then I take a shower. When the weather is good, I sometimes run in the morning. On Sundays I work out in the gym or go to the swimming pool.
Then I go to the kitchen and have breakfast. I usually have a cheese sandwich and a cup of coffee or tea for breakfast. After breakfast I get dressed and leave for work.
I usually go to work by bus. My workplace is not very far from home. It takes me about twenty minutes to get there. Sometimes I walk to work if I have enough time.
From 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. I type letters and invoices, answer the phone, make Xerox copies, and do other work in the office.
I have a short break for lunch at noon. I often eat lunch in the cafe near the office. I usually have a bowl of mushroom soup, green salad, and a cup of tea with lemon. Sometimes I have lunch at my desk.
I finish work at three and go to college. First I go to the college library and study for about two hours. Then I meet with my classmates in the college cafeteria. We have tea or coffee with a piece of pie, talk, discuss things, tell jokes, and laugh a lot.
Classes start at 6:00 p.m. and end at 9:30 p.m. My classes are interesting, but accounting is a difficult subject, so I have to study hard.
When I get home after classes, I am usually very tired. I listen to quiet music, read a book, eat an apple or a banana, and go to bed.
Dịch nghĩa:
Một ngày của tôi
Một ngày của tôi là thường rất bận rộn. Tôi làm việc bán thời gian như một thư ký văn phòng tại một công ty xuất bản lớn, và tôi đi học sau khi làm việc. Tôi đang học kế toán tại một trường kinh doanh.
Tôi dậy lúc 7 giờ sáng. Tôi tập thể dục buổi sáng trong mười hoặc mười lăm phút, và sau đó tôi đi tắm. Khi thời tiết là tốt, đôi khi tôi chạy vào buổi sáng. Vào ngày chủ nhật tôi tập thể dục ở phòng gym hoặc đi đến Hồ bơi.
Sau đó, tôi đi đến nhà bếp và ăn sáng. Tôi thường ăn một bánh sandwich phô mai và một tách cà phê hoặc trà cho bữa ăn sáng. Sau khi ăn sáng tôi thay quần áo và đi đến văn phòng.
Tôi thường đi làm việc bằng xe buýt. Nơi làm việc của tôi không xa nhà. Tôi mất khoảng 20 phút để đến chỗ làm. Đôi khi tôi đi bộ để làm việc nếu tôi có đủ thời gian.
Từ 9:00 sáng đến 3:00 chiều tôi gửi thư và hóa đơn, trả lời điện thoại, copy tài liệu, và làm công việc khác trong văn phòng.
Tôi có thời gian nghỉ trưa ngắn cho bữa ăn. Tôi thường ăn trưa tại quán cà phê gần văn phòng. Tôi thường có một bát súp nấm, salad xanh lá cây, và một tách trà chanh. Thi thoảng tôi ăn trưa ngay tại bàn làm việc.
Tôi hoàn thành công việc lúc 3 giờ chiều và đi đến trường đại học. Trước tiên tôi đi đến thư viện đại học và nghiên cứu trong khoảng hai giờ. Sau đó, tôi gặp các bạn cùng lớp của tôi trong quán cà phê đại học. Chúng tôi uống trà hoặc cà phê với một miếng bánh, nói chuyện, thảo luận về nhiều thứ, nói đùa, và cười rất nhiều.
Các lớp học bắt đầu lúc 6:00 chiều và kết thúc lúc 9:30 chiều Các lớp học của tôi là thú vị, nhưng kế toán là một chủ đề khó khăn, vì vậy tôi phải học tập chăm chỉ.
Khi tôi về nhà sau khi kết thúc các lớp học, và thường rất mệt mỏi. Tôi nghe nhạc yên tĩnh, đọc một cuốn sách, ăn một quả táo hoặc chuối, và đi ngủ.

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