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List 55 + Collocation Take and Collocation with Get thông dụng nhất

Nội dung [Hiện]

Tăng cường sử dụng Collocations để đạt điểm cao và gây ấn tượng với giám khảo là bí kíp của nhiều IELTS – ers.

Có hàng trăm Collocations thông dụng, trong đó Collocation TakeCollcation Get là các cụm phổ biến và dễ sử dụng trong tiếng Anh. Vậy đó là những cụm Collocations nào?

Cùng IELTS LangGo tìm hiểu nhé.

1. Hơn 30 Collocation Take phổ biến


Collocation Take

Ý nghĩa

Ví dụ


Take a break

nghỉ ngơi

I need to take a break from work


Take a chance

liều lĩnh

Go ahead and take a chance on that new opportunity


Take a decision

Ra quyết định

It’s time to take a decision about your future


Take a guess

Đoán mò

Can you take a gues at the answer to this riddle?


Take a look



Take a nap

ngủ giấc ngắn, chợp mắt

I like to take a nap after lunch


Take a picture/ photo/photograph

chụp ảnh

Let’s take a picture to capture this moment


Take a risk

Mạo hiểm/ gặp rủi ro

Sometimes you have to take a risk to succeed


Take a seat

Ngồi xuống

Please take a seat and make yourself comfortable


Take a shower = Take/ have a bath


I alwways feel refreshed after i take a shower


Take a taxi/ train/bus/plane

Đi taxi/ tài hoả/ xe buýt/máy bay

Let’s take a taxi to the airport.


Take a test

Làm bài kiểm tra

I need to study before  take the test


Take a trip

Đi du lịch

We’re planning to take a trip to Europe next summer


Take a vacation

Nghỉ phép

I’m going to take vacation to relax and unwind


Take a walk = Take a stroll = Go for a stroll

Đi dạo

Let’s take a walk in park


Take an exam

Thi cử

Students have to take exams at the end of the semester


Take an interest in

Quan tâm, tò mò, thích thú về…

I’ve always taken an interest in art and literature


Take an opportunitiy

Nắm bắt cơ hội

Don’t hesitate to take an opportunity when it comes


Take care of

Chăm sóc

I need to take care of my sick brother


Take control

kiểm soát

It’s important to take control of your life


Take notes = jot down

Ghi chú

During the lecture, be sure ti take notes


Take responsibility

chịu trách nhiệm

It’s time to take responsibility for your actions


The the lead

Dẫn đầu, lãnh đạo

He alwayslikes to take the lead in group projects


Take pride in

Tự hào về

Jamie takes pride in hẻ achievements and accomplishment


Take turns

Thay phiên nhau

Let’s take turns playing the game


Take up a hobby

bắt đầu một sở thích mới

I decided to take up a hobby and started painting


Take up space

Chiếm không gian

The large furrnniture takes up a lot of space in the room


Take one’s time

từ từ, không vội vàng

There’s no rush, take your time to make a decision


Take notice = pay attention to

Chú ý

It’s important to take notice of the warning signs around you for safty.


Take part in = participate in = involve in = join = engage in

Tham gia vào

Will you take part in the charity event next weekend?


Take something as a compliment

Xem cái gì như là lời khen

When she praised my work, I chose to take it as a compliment rather than overthinking it.


Take place

Diễn ra

The meeting will take place in the conference room at 3 PM.


Take one’s place

Thế chỗ ai đó

When the CEO left the room, the vice president took his place at the head of the table.


Take offence (at something)

Thất vọng, bực tức điều gì đó

I hope you didn't take offence at my comment; I didn't mean to upset you.


Take medicine

Uống thuốc

The doctor prescribed antibiotics, and he needs to take the medicine three times a day.

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2. List Collocation Get thông dụng nhất


Collocation Get

Ý nghĩa

Ví dụ


Get a cold

Bị cảm

I always seem to get a cold in the winter.


Get a degree/ a diploma

Nhận bằng, chứng chỉ

After years of hard work, she finally got her degree in engineering



Get a call

Nhận được cuộc gọi

I got a call from my friend inviting me to the party.


Get a chance

Có cơ hội

If you work hard, you'll get a chance to prove yourself


Get a job

kiếm được việc làm

After months of searching, he finally got a job at a software company


Get a recceive (letter)

Nhận thư

Yesterday, I got a letter from my pen pal in another country


Get a tan

Có được làn da rám nắng

During the summer vacation, she likes to go to the beach and get a tan


Get angry

Tức giận

Don't interrupt him; he easily gets angry


Get changed


After work, I usually get changed before going to the gym


Get dark

trở tối

In the evening, it starts to get dark earlier


Get dressed

Mặc quần áo, ăn diện

It only takes me a few minutes to get dressed in the morning


Get drunk

Say rượu

He regretted getting drunk at the party last night


Get fired

Bị đuổi, bị sa thải

Unfortunately, he got fired from his job due to budget cuts.


Get home

Về nhà

After a long day at work, I can't wait to get home and relax


Get hungry

Thấy đói

After exercising, I always get hungry


Get into trouble

Gặp rắc rối

If you don't follow the rules, you might get into trouble


Get lost

Bị lạc

Without a map, it's easy to get lost in the unfamiliar city


Get married/ divorced

Kết hôn/ Ly hôn

They got married last summer in a beautiful ceremony


Get nowhere

chẳng đi tới đâu

With that attitude, you'll get nowhere in your career


Get one’s hair cut

cắt tóc

I need to get my hair cut; it's getting too long


Get permission

Xin phép

Before you go out, make sure to get permission from your parents


Get pregnant

Mang thai

They were thrilled to get pregnant after years of trying


Get started

bắt đầu

It's time to get started on your homework.


Get stuck

bị kẹt xe

The car got stuck in the mud during the heavy rain


Get the impression

Có ấn tượng

I get the impression that he doesn't like my idea


Get the message

Hiểu ý, hiểu ra vấn đề

I told him to leave, and I think he finally got the message


Get upset


She tends to get upset easily over small things


Get wet

bị ướt

Bring an umbrella; it looks like it's going to rain, and we don't want to get wet


Get away

bỏ đi, chạy trốn

They decided to get away for the weekend and relax at the beach

3.Bài tập vận dụng với Collocation với Take và Collocation Get

Bài 1: Điền Collocation Get/ Collocations Take phù hợp vào chỗ trống

  1. She always ____________ pride in her achievements.
  2. Don't forget to ____________ your medicine after meals.
  3. I can't believe he ____________ a job at that prestigious company.
  4. We should ____________ part in the charity run next month.
  5. The concert will ____________ place in the city center.
  6. He tends to ____________ angry if things don't go his way.
  7. It's important to ____________ notice of the details in the contract.
  8. She decided to ____________ the chance to study abroad.
  9. After a long day, I just want to ____________ a shower and relax.
  10. The students need to ____________ their exams seriously.

Đáp án:

  1. Takes
  2. Take
  3. got
  4. take
  5. take
  6. get
  7. take
  8. take
  9. take
  10. take

Bài 2: Điền Collocation Get cho sẵn vào chỗ trống: 

Get permission/ get a chance/ get a promotion/ get sleep/ get lost/ get started/get a call

  1. She ____________ at work last month.
  2. I always ____________ a good night's
  3. Don't forget to ____________ before using the equipment.
  4. The team ____________ to compete in the finals.
  5. If you're lost, ask for directions; otherwise, you might ____________.
  6. I ____________ from my friend inviting me to the party.
  7. It's important to ____________ started on your homework early.

Đáp án:

  1. get a promotion
  2. get sleep
  3. get permission
  4. get a chance
  5. get lost
  6. get a call
  7. get started

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