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Luyện Speaking IELTS theo chủ đề - Các chủ đề thường gặp trong IELTS Speaking Part 1 (Phần 1)

Nội dung [Hiện]

IELTS Speaking part 1 là những câu hỏi ngắn, xoay quanh những chủ đề gần gũi trong đời sống. Tuy nhiên, đừng nghĩ phần này dễ mà chủ quan, nếu không nắm được các chủ đề thường gặp cũng như cách trả lời đúng đắn, các bạn vẫn có thể mất điểm đáng tiếc. Cùng LangGo luyện tập các chủ để Speaking IELTS Part 1 qua những Topics thường xuất hiện trong kỳ thi IELTS nhé!

Các chủ đề Speaking IELTS Part 1 thường gặp - Luyện tập cùng LangGo (Phần 1)

Các chủ đề Speaking IELTS Part 1 thường gặp - Luyện tập cùng LangGo (Phần 1)


1. Do you have a favourite number or a number that is special to you?

→ Yes, my favourite number is... because it's the day I was born on, and it's my lucky number.

2. Do any numbers have special importance in your country?

→ Yes. The number 7, for example, is supposed to be a special number in my country. It appears in so many places, like the seven days of the week, the seven main notes in music, and the seven ages of man that Shakespeare described.

3. Are you good at remembering numbers? Why / why not?

→ No, I'm not very good at remembering numbers. I don't think it's necessary to learn them by heart; I just save them on my phone.

4. What numbers do people often have to memorise?

→ The most important number to remember on a daily basis is the pin number for your bank card. Without this you can't pay for anything or get cash out.


Is supposed to be

Được coi là


Xuất hiện

The seven main notes in music

Bảy nốt chính trong âm nhạc

The seven ages of man

Bảy giai đoạn của đời người

Good at

Giỏi về…

Learn them by heart

Học thuộc lòng

On a daily basis

hàng ngày

The pin number for your bank card

Mã pin cho thẻ ngân hàng của bạn

Pay for

Trả cho

Get cash out.

rút tiền mặt


1. What do you think of robots?

→ I think robots are a clever idea. I'd love to have a robot that could speak to me and do things for me!

2. Did you watch any cartoons related to robots in your childhood?

→ I can't remember watching cartoons with robots, but I remember that I liked the robots in films like Star Wars.

3. Do you like the idea of robots helping you at home or driving your car?

→ Yes, definitely. It would be great to have a robot helper at home, and I like the idea of driverless cars - I think driving would be safer if cars were controlled by robots.

Chủ đề Speaking IELTS Part 1 - ROBOTS

Chủ đề Speaking IELTS Part 1 - ROBOTS


A clever idea

Một ý tưởng thông minh

A robot helper

Một người máy giúp đỡ

Driverless cars

Xe không người lái


1. Do you like to buy expensive shoes?

→ No. I tend to buy average-priced shoes because I'm more interested in comfort than expensive brands.

2. When you buy shoes, do you prefer convenience or style?

→ I mainly look for comfort and convenience. But obviously I consider the style too, because I do choose shoes that match the clothes I wear.

3. Why do you think some people buy many pairs of shoes?

→ I suppose they either like following the latest fashions, or they want a pair of shoes to match all of the different clothes or outfits that they have.

4. Have you ever bought shoes online?

→ No, I haven't. I always like to try shoes on before I buy them, to make sure that they fit properly and feel comfortable.


Average-priced shoes

Giày có giá trung bình

I'm more interested in

Tôi thì hứng thú hơn trong/về…

Expensive brands

Những thương hiệu đắt tiền

Look for

Tìm kiếm


Xem xét


Thích hợp


Trang phục

Try shoes on

Thử giày

Fit properly

Vừa vặn


1. Do you like holidays? Why / why not?

→ Yes, I love holidays because I get the chance to take a break from work, to relax and unwind, and to spend time with my family.

2. Do you prefer to travel or stay at home during holiday periods? Why?

→ If I can I prefer to travel. It's nice to get away from everything and to have a change of scenery. Also, I like visiting new places and doing some sightseeing.

3. What do most people do during their holidays in your country? Why?

→ During the summer especially, I think most British people go somewhere hot and sunny, to escape from the British weather!

4. When do you prefer to take your holidays? Why?

→ I like taking my holidays just outside the main summer season, which is July and August. If you go on holiday in May, June or September, everything is cheaper and places aren't so crowded with tourists.

Chủ đề Speaking IELTS Part 1 - HOLIDAYS

Chủ đề Speaking IELTS Part 1 - HOLIDAYS


Get the chance to

Có cơ hội

Take a break

Nghỉ ngơi


Giải trí

Get away from everything

Tránh xa mọi thứ

Have a change of scenery

Có một sự thay đổi cảnh quan

Doing some sightseeing

Đi thăm quan

Escape from

Trốn khỏi

Go on holiday

Đi nghỉ

Crowded with

Đông đúc với


1. Do you like chocolate? Why / why not?

→ Yes, I love chocolate. I like the taste, the texture and the feeling that you get when you eat it. And it goes really well with my favourite drink, coffee.

2. What type of chocolate do you prefer? Why?

→ I prefer dark chocolate to milk chocolate, because it has a stronger taste. I also like chocolate when it's in a cake, and I love drinking hot chocolate too.

3. When do you usually eat chocolate?

→ I try not to eat too much, but I probably eat or drink something that contains chocolate every couple of days.

4. Do people give chocolate as a present in your country? When?

→ Yes, it's very common to give boxes of individual chocolates as a gift. You can give chocolates on any special occasion really: birthdays, Valentine's day, Easter, Christmas, and so on.



Mùi vị


Cấu trúc

Goes really well with

Kết hợp thật sự tốt với

Special occasion

Dịp đặc biệt


1. How well do you know the people who live next door to you?

→ I know my neighbours quite well. They're really nice people, and I always stop to talk whenever I see them.

2. How often do you see them?

→ I see my neighbours at least a few times a week. We usually see each other when we're leaving for work in the morning or coming home in the evening.

3. What kinds of problem do people sometimes have with their neighbours?

→ I think the most common problem is probably noise. It's difficult to live next to people who have a dog that barks at night, or who play loud music.

4. How do you think neighbours can help each other?

→ Neighbours can do little things like watching your house if you go on holiday or taking a delivery if something arrives by post when you're not at home. I think these little favours are a good way for neighbours to help each other.

Chủ đề Speaking IELTS Part 1 - NEIGHBOURS

Chủ đề Speaking IELTS Part 1 - NEIGHBOURS


People who live next door to you

Người sống kế bên nhà bạn


Hàng xóm


ồn ào



Play loud music

Chơi nhạc ồn ào

Taking a delivery

Nhận giao hàng

Arrives by post

Đến bằng đường bưu điện


Sự hỗ trợ


1. How did your parents choose your name?

→ To be honest, I'm not sure how they chose it; I've never asked them. I suppose it was just a name that they both liked, and maybe they thought it suited me.

2. Does your name have any special meaning?

→ It might do, but I don't know what that meaning is; I've never looked it up. Maybe I'll google it later today; you've made me curious to find out!

3. Is your name common or unusual in your country?

→ Yes, it's quite a common name. I remember that there were two other people with the same name as me in my class at school.

4. If you could change your name, would you?

→ No, I definitely wouldn't. My name is part of my identity now, and it would feel strange to suddenly change it. I don't think my friends and family would like that either.



Phù hợp

Looked it up

Tra từ điển


Tò mò

Find out

Tìm ra

A common name

Một tên phổ thông

Part of my identity

Một phần nhận dạng của tôi

Feel strange

Cảm thấy lạ


1. How much time do you spend at home?

→ Obviously I sleep at home, but I don't spend very much time at home during the day, because I'm usually busy with work.

2. Do you prefer to spend your free time at home or outside the house?

→ During the day I prefer to be out of the house, so I like visiting family or meeting up with friends. But I do like relaxing at home in the evenings.

3. What do you do when you have some free time and you're at home?

→ I usually sit and watch some TV or a film, or I listen to some music. I also like sitting outside if the weather is nice.

4. Would you like to have more spare time to spend at home in the future?

→ No, not really. I get bored if I'm at home for too long. In the future, I imagine I'll still prefer to go out and do things rather than stay indoors.

Chủ đề Speaking IELTS Part 1 - FREETIME

Chủ đề Speaking IELTS Part 1 - FREETIME


Out of the house

Ra khỏi nhà

Get bored

Chán nản

Stay indoors

ở nhà


1. Do you live in a house or an apartment?

→ I live in a semi-detached house with three bedrooms and a small garden.

2. Which room do you like most in your house? Why?

→ My favourite room is the kitchen because it looks out onto the back garden, and it's on the side of the house that catches the afternoon sun.

3. Is there anything about your house that you would like to change?

→ Well, it would be nice if it were a detached house so that we could have windows on the wall that we currently share with our neighbours.

4.Tell me something else about your house.

→ The previous owners converted the loft into an extra bedroom; that's the quietest room in the house, and the best place to go to do some work.


A semi-detached house

một ngôi nhà có chung tường một bên với nhà khác

Looks out onto

Nhìn ra

On the side of

Bên cạnh

Catches the afternoon sun

đón ánh nắng buổi chiều

Converted the loft into an extra bedroom

Chuyển gác xép thành một phòng ngủ thêm


1. What type of photos do you like taking?

→ Well, I don't usually take photos to be honest. I prefer to enjoy whatever I'm doing, rather than stop to take a photograph.

2. What do you do with photos you take?

→ I rarely take photos, but if I occasionally use my mobile phone to take a picture of something, I just leave the photo there; I don't do anything special with it.

3. When you visit other places, do you take photos or buy postcards?

→ I don't really do either. I leave it to my friends or other family members to take photographs; I'm usually with someone who likes taking photos and can share them with me later.

4. Do you like people taking photos of you?

→ No, I prefer not to be in photos. I always feel awkward when someone asks me to smile for the camera, and I don't think I'm very photogenic.

Chủ đề Speaking IELTS Part 1 - PHOTOS

Chủ đề Speaking IELTS Part 1 - PHOTOS


Take photos

Chụp ảnh


Hiếm khi

Leave the photo there

Để lại ảnh ở đó

Feel awkward

Cảm thấy khó xử


Ăn ảnh

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