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[Trọn bộ] 500 từ vựng tiếng Anh chủ đề cửa hàng - LangGo

Nội dung [Hiện]

Trọn bộ 500+ từ vựng tiếng Anh chủ đề cửa hàng và hàng hóa thông dụng nhất, cùng IELTS LangGo học từ vựng hiệu quả qua bài viết dưới đây nhé!


1. Types of selling places: Bộ từ vựng tiếng Anh chủ đề cửa hàng - Các địa điểm/ loại cửa hàng bán hàng


department store; specialty store; shopping center; shopping mall;
retail store; retail outlet; wholesale store; warehouse; discount store; secondhand store;
hypermarket; supermarket; superstore; megastore; chain store;
general store; convenience store; grocery store; food store; food market;
farmers' market; marketplace; street market; flower market; flea market;
trading center; trade center; trade fair; book fair; bazaar; garage sale;
street vendor; ice cream vendor; vending machine;
fruit stand; hot-dog stand; newsstand; bookstall; kiosk.

2. Specialty shops, specialty stores: Bộ từ vựng tiếng Anh chủ đề cửa hàng - Các cửa hàng chuyên doanh

bookstore; bookshop; music store; record store; china store; china shop;
home appliances store; electrical appliances store; computer store;
sporting goods store; sportswear store; women's wear store; boutique;
shoe store; haberdashery store; variety store; toy store; pet store;
antique shop; antiques shop; antiques store; jewelry store (BrE: jewellery);
gift shop; souvenir shop; hardware store; housewares store; lumberyard;
pharmacy; drugstore; liquor store; tobacco shop; cigarette store.

3. Some stores and their goods: Bộ từ vựng tiếng Anh chủ đề cửa hàng - Cửa hàng và hàng hóa đặc trưng

Bookstore, bookshop: Từ vựng tiếng Anh cửa hàng sách
books for children; children's books; books on history; books on science; books on medicine; books on gardening;
dictionary; desk dictionary; pocket dictionary; picture dictionary; wordbook; glossary; lexicon; thesaurus; encyclopedia;
reference book; handbook; manual; textbook; grammar book; math book; history book; a book of idioms;
guide book; travel guide; atlas; tourist map; city map; street map; road map;
biography; anthology; travel book; songbook; cookbook; comic books; almanac;
fiction; nonfiction; science fiction; prose; poetry; a book of poetry;
historical novel; psychological novel; romance; adventure novel; war novel;
short story; love story; detective story; thriller; ghost story; fairy tale;
publication; edition; volume; paperback; hardcover; book jacket; dust jacket;
booklet; pamphlet; brochure; album; calendar; poster; postcard.
Office equipment, office supplies, stationery store: Từ vựng tiếng Anh thiết bị văn phòng, vật tư văn phòng, cửa hàng văn phòng phẩm
office equipment; computer; printer; scanner; typewriter; calculator;
copier; photocopier; Xerox machine; paper shredder;
stationery; writing paper; notepaper; A4 paper; drawing paper; carbon paper;
lined paper; ruled paper; unlined paper; scratch paper; blotting paper;
transparent paper; tracing paper; colored paper; brown paper; wrapping paper;
a piece of paper; a scrap of paper; a pad of paper; a sheet of paper; a stack of paper;
notebook; writing pad; notepad; scratch pad; clipboard; drawing board;
file; folder; binder; organizer; filing cabinet; letter tray; envelopes;
pen; ballpoint pen; ball pen; fountain pen; pencil; color marker; crayon;
pencil sharpener; eraser; ruler; stencil; paper knife; penknife; paperweight;
paper clip; stapler; tack; Scotch tape; adhesive tape; sticker; label;
wastepaper; wastebasket; wastepaper basket.
Home appliances, electrical appliances: Từ vựng tiếng Anh máy móc gia dụng, điện gia dụng
lamps; lights; floor lamp; desk lamp; reading lamp; chandelier; light bulbs; flashlight;
TV set; stereo system; radio; clock; alarm clock; sewing machine;
air conditioner; fan; ventilator; heater; iron; hair drier; hair dryer;
refrigerator; fridge; freezer; microwave oven; toaster;
electric stove; electric range; oven; grill; pressure cooker; pressure saucepan;
mixer; blender; food processor; meat grinder; meat chopper;
electric kettle; coffee maker; coffee machine; percolator; coffee mill; coffee grinder;
washing machine; dishwasher; vacuum cleaner; water heater; boiler.
Kitchen utensils, housewares: Từ vựng tiếng Anh đồ dùng nhà bếp, đồ gia dụng
teapot; coffeepot; kettle; teakettle; jug; jar; pitcher; coffee mug; beer mug; plastic cup;
china; porcelain; teacup; coffee cup; saucer; sugar bowl; creamer;
crystal; glassware; stemware; glasses; wineglass; goblet; tumbler; beer glass;
a cup of tea; a cup of coffee; a glass of water; a glass of milk; a glass of wine; a glass of beer; a mug of beer; a mug of coffee;
tableware; dish; platter; plate; dinner plate; salad plate; soup bowl; salad bowl;
flatware; fork; dinner fork; salad fork; spoon; teaspoon; coffee spoon; tablespoon;
cutlery; knife; cleaver; carving knife; carving fork; bread knife; fruit knife;
breadboard; cutting board; tray; dish rack; dish drainer; container; canister;
tablecloth; napkin; paper napkin; serviette; place mat; salt shaker; pepper shaker;
cookware; pan; saucepan; casserole; pot; Dutch oven; frying pan; skillet; lid; handle;
ladle; spatula; fish slice; tongs; can opener; tin opener; bottle opener; corkscrew;
potato masher; rolling pin; eggbeater; whisk; grater; nutcracker; vegetable peeler;
dipper; colander; strainer; funnel; kitchen scales; kitchen scissors; ice pick;
dishtowel; tea towel; paper towel; dish holder; oven glove;
garbage can; trash can; waste bin; dustbin.
Furniture store: Từ vựng tiếng Anh cửa hàng nội thất
table; desk; writing desk; writing table; roll-top desk; bureau; computer table; folding table;
dining table; kitchen table; tea table; coffee table; cocktail table; end table; side table;
sofa; divan; couch; love seat; settee; armchair; club chair; upholstery; cushion;
chair; rocking chair; office chair; swivel chair; folding chair; kitchen stool; bench;
bed; queen bed; double bed; single bed; bunk bed; folding bed;
bedstand; nightstand; night table; dressing table; vanity table; mirror;
wardrobe; chest of drawers; dresser; bureau; wall unit; bookcase; bookshelf; shelves;
sideboard; china closet; china cabinet; buffet; cupboard; kitchen cabinet; kitchen counter;
carpet; rug; mat; bath mat; doormat.
Cosmetics and toiletries: Từ vựng tiếng Anh mỹ phẩm và đồ vệ sinh cá nhân
toothpaste; toothbrush; dental floss; mouthwash;
soap; shampoo; hair conditioner; hair dye; hairbrush; comb;
gel; mousse; foam; oil; cream; powder; liquid; spray;
deodorant; antiperspirant; perfume; toilet water; cologne; lotion; hand lotion;
facial cream; moisturizing cream; cold cream; hand cream; paper tissues;
shaver; razor; razor blades; electric razor; shaving cream; aftershave lotion;
cosmetics; make-up; lipstick; lip gloss; rouge; blush; blusher; face powder;
mascara; eyeliner; eye pencil; eye shadow; different shades of eye shadow;
nail polish (BrE: nail varnish); nail polish remover;
manicure scissors; nail clippers; nail file; emery board.
Các từ vựng liên quan khác:
salesclerk; shop assistant; salesperson; salesman; saleswoman; salesgirl; shopkeeper;
seller; buyer; shopper; customer; consumer; dealer; merchant; manufacturer;
goods; commodities; merchandise; purchase; sale; trade; commerce;
shopping bag; carrier bag; shopping cart; trolley.