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Trong bài viết này bạn sẽ tìm thấy từ vựng về chủ đề Science. Những từ vựng về khoa học này sẽ giúp bạn viết về chủ đề hoặc nói về nó trong bài kiểm tra IELTS của mình.

Bảng từ vựng của chúng mình sẽ có dạng như sau:

Word Definition
An example sentence

I. Science Vocabulary

Placebo A drug which has no physical effects, used in pharmaceutical tests to compare the physical effects of taking a real drug from its psychological effects.
She was given a placebo, not the real drug, but she said she felt much better.

Placebo Effect

The placebo effect is when someone's condition improves because they think they are taking medicine.
She was given a placebo, not the real drug, but she said she felt much better- that's the placebo effect.

A side effect

An extra, usually bad, occurrence caused by taking a drug.

Drugs should not be tested on animals because there are many possible side effects.

Much of today's modern medicine has side effects. I prefer alternative therapies.

Proof To show a particular result after a period of time.

The amount of evidence that scientists now have proves that climate change is being caused by humans.

We now have proof that climate change is caused by human activity.

Experiment A test done in order to learn something or to find out whether something works or is true

Experimenting on animals is necessary in order to discover if new drugs are dangerous or not.

Scientists are conducting experiments to test the effectiveness of the new drug.

Gene A part of the DNA in a cell which contains information in a special pattern received by each animal or plant from its parents, and which controls its physical development, behaviour, etc

Genes are an important factor in personaility development.

The doctors think his illness was genetic. It came from his mother because she had the same illness when she was young.

Genetic Engineering /


Changing the structure of the genes of a living thing in order to make it healthier or stronger or more useful to humans.

here is evidence that genetically modified food is harmful to humans.

Some plants have been genetically engineered to be resistant to herbicides.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

Plants, animals or micro organisms that have changed through genetic engineering.
Most commercialised GMO crop plants are insect resistant and/or herbicide tolerant.
Clone A plant or animal which has the same genes as the original from which it was produced

The first animal to be cloned was Dolly the sheep.

I believe that cloning humans is unethical.

Geoengineering The deliberate large-scale intervention in the Earth’s climate system, in order to try and control global warming

Some scientists believe geoengineering is the only way to reduce the warming of the climate.

Controlling the weather by geoengineering is a possible solution to climate change, but it is controversial.

Cyber A prefix for things related to computers, especially the internet.

Cyberbulling via social media such as Facebook has become a major problem.

A cybercafe is a place where you can buy drinks and use computers at the same time.

High-Tech / Hi-Tech

Using the most advanced and developed machines and methods.
Japan is a very high-tech country. Everyone has all the latest electronic gadgets.
Theory A formal statement of the rules on which a subject of study is based or of ideas which are suggested to explain a fact or event or, more generally, an opinion or explanation
There are two opposing theories on the causes of climate change - one says it is caused by humans, the other believe it is a natural cycle.

II. Model IELTS Essays - Scientific Research

IELTS Essays - Model Answer

Undertaking scientific research is imperative if countries want to progress and compete in a globalized world. However, the funding and controlling of this research remain contentious issues. In my opinion, the government should have the predominant responsibility for these.

One of the first issues is the knowledge that we gain from research. If governments are responsible then they are driven by the need to make advances in knowledge in order to improve people’s lives. This is because they are accountable to the public and the research is paid for by taxes. On the other hand, private organizations are driven by profit. This may mean that some research that could be valuable to society may not begin because there is no monetary gain.

Another issue related to this is the research process. When the funding for research comes from the same organization that is going to gain from a favorable outcome, there is a strong potential for biased results. Taking drugs companies as an example, legislation usually requires rigorous trials for new drugs that can take many years to complete. The companies have large amounts of money invested in such research and the need for positive results is paramount. It is difficult for a scientist to remain impartial in these circumstances. However, if this is controlled and funded by governments, their accountability means that such conflicts of interest are less likely to occur.

On balance, I would argue that although it is not realistic to remove all opportunities for privately funded research, governments should have the main responsibility for the monitoring and controlling of this. Strong checks and balances need to be in place to ensure future research is ethical and productive.

(281 Words)

III. Comment

Bài essay được tổ chức tốt.

Ý kiến được trình bày rõ ràng trong phần giới thiệu và ý kiến này sau đó được hỗ trợ trong các đoạn thân bài và được tóm tắt lại trong phần kết luận.

Có những câu chủ đề trong đó nêu rõ từng đoạn nói về điều gì:

  • One of the first issues is the knowledge that we gain from research.

  • Another disadvantage related to this is the research process.

Các đoạn thân bài sau đó tiếp tục phát triển từng ý tưởng đưa ra lý do và ví dụ.

Trong đoạn nội dung đầu tiên, một so sánh được thực hiện giữa chính phủ và khu vực tư nhân về mặt kiến thức.

Trong lần thứ hai, một so sánh được thực hiện về mặt quá trình nghiên cứu.

Không có sự lặp lại về ý tưởng.

Có một số cách sử dụng tốt từ vựng, cụm từ và cụm từ cấp độ cao như:

  • imperative
  • contentious
  • accountable
  • monetary gain
  • favourable outcome
  • rigorousparamountremain impartial

Ngoài ra còn có sự kết hợp tốt giữa các câu phức tạp với các ví dụ về mệnh đề trạng từ, mệnh đề quan hệ và mệnh đề danh từ.

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